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Marine ERP

Jot ERP, the next-generation "Fully Cloud-based" ERP for the maritime industry, prioritizes user engagement during development. Our offerings include:

  • Web-based application: Full functionality, accessible anywhere, anytime.

  • Simultaneous access: Eliminates the need for IT investments, hardware, and consultants.

  • No additional costs: For software upgrades or maintenance.

  • No long-term contracts are required.

  • Flexible payment model: Pay only for the services you use.

Trust Jot ERP to revolutionize maritime operations with cost-effective, user-centric, and cutting-edge cloud-based solutions tailored to meet industry demands. Our commitment to user engagement, coupled with a flexible and transparent service model, ensures that businesses can harness the full potential of Jot ERP for enhanced efficiency, reduced costs, and optimal performance in the dynamic maritime landscape.

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