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The Company has established a training centre in Navi Mumbai (India) with experienced trainers, to ensure that seafarers get trained in the Jot ERP and other software related to maritime and offshore indusrty.


Our training programs are client focused and tailor-made to achieve the target goals. Each trainee is provided with his own computer for hands-on along with the training. This practice of doing hands-on practice emphasizes our commitment to achieve the training outcomes in this learning environment.

This training curriculum is prepared after a thorough review of the software and its current training materials in order to develop tailored course materials for face-to-face training by instructors. The final course materials developed includes a course map, lesson plans, course timetable, hands-on exercises and training assessment materials and course handouts.


The training feedback after the training is available online for the client to review.


Our facility includes airconditioned and fully equipped training rooms with modern technology and AV support which can undertake training programs from small to large group depending on client's requirements. During training, each trainee is provided with PC for hands-on. We also offer remote online training via Skype or Teamviewer.

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